Will my agency (company, unit, etc.) or anyone I else that I know be told that I have attended the retreat? I do not want anyone to know.

California law allows the privilege of confidentiality between our participants and the staff doctors, psychotherapists, and chaplains (CA Evidence Codes 992, 1012, and 1032 respectively). Information about your attendance will only be released with your authorization, unless safety becomes an issue.

Many participants attend without their agency's knowledge by using vacation or compensation time. This also applies to anyone else that you know. Our staff understands this and our first priority is that you feel comfortable and safe. It would be up to you if you told that you attended an FRSN retreat. Also, if any staff member from your retreat sees you on the street they will not acknowledge you, it will be up to you to go up to that person. We do this to protect your confidentiality not to ignore you.