Daniel Sundahl

Thank you Daniel Sundahl for graciously donating the use of your images for this site.


Daniel Sundahl was born in 1967 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. He has lived in several countries around the world and once played guitar in a Japanese blues band. He is a career Firefighter/Paramedic and has worked for the City of Leduc since 2003.

He started his love of photography several years ago while he was teaching English in Egypt, Mexico, Indonesia and Japan. As his technique developed he started to produce a blend of photography and graphic art he called Photo Art.

The majority of Daniel’s work involves emergency services and motor sport photography. Almost all of his pieces are produced on large format metal or bamboo. He is a published artist and one of his images was recently featured in Photo Life magazine.

Daniel enjoys combining the technical and artistic elements of his work. Each piece can take several days or weeks of processing until he feels it’s ready.

Daniel is a loving husband and stepfather. He continues to travel several times a year with his family.