First and foremost this is about ME

First and foremost this is about ME!!!!!!!!! It's not about you or anyone else it is about ME!!!! If you read this and have some similarity or can relate to this GREAT. But it is still about ME!!!!!!!!!! If I can pass on this knowledge and you can learn something about it GREAT. I can not change anyone. I only have control to change myself. So you can learn from me but if you want to change, you have to do it yourself.

I just returned from the West Coast Post-trauma Retreat. I let MYSELF fall. I thought someone would pick me up. I was wrong. The people I wanted to pick me up didn't. They don't know who they are and it really does not MATTER. The FACT is I needed to pick MYSELF up and I did learn that. I turned MY self-pity, hurt and anger into self destruction. I knew this and could not help MYSELF so I sought help and found it.

If you need help, you have to find it. If you need Directions, ask. It's all out there, just find it. I learned at the Retreat I was not going crazy. Excuse the language the truth is I discovered I was JUST F-CKED UP. There are a lot of people out there that have the same feelings. They are as normal as MYSELF. Going through this process at the end I found out it was F-CKING MAGICAL.

Everyone can change if they choose to. Most people know wrong from right so it is your choice. If you are going to do right, it is your choice. If you are going to do wrong, it is your choice. Just remember there are a lot of consequences if you choose wrong. Wrong choices hurt not just yourself but everyone you love and who loves you. But Remember this is about ME not YOU so don't let any of this make you mad.