I have to admit it was hard leaving on Sunday

I have to admit it was hard leaving on Sunday. I broke into tears several times in the morning and felt like I was going down hill. I was going through many emotions and at times thought it would be nice if the program lasted three months, I could handle that. But, it didn't, so I'm back home. When Gary Larsen dropped me off at the airport I stepped out of his truck and realized that after five days of living in such security, Gary was my last line of defense, and I now had to fend for myself. I felt dizzy, out of place, and confused so I sat on a bench and watched Gary drive away. Once Gary was out of sight I stood up, stretched, and walked into the terminal. As I entered the terminal everything was blurry and it seamed as if I was walking in slow motion, I had tunnel vision. I thought, CRAP, what is going on with me? Here I am at the airport and I'm starting to freak out. I stopped walking and stood still for a couple minutes, took deep breaths, and began to walk again. Now, I was feeling better. I checked my bags, got my ticket, and went through security. I walked through the terminal and arrived at my gate where I sat and waited to board. I was in group C so I was one of the last one to board the plane. I sat in the first row middle seat. I could see the door that I boarded through. Going back to my ride with Gary, as I was riding in his truck away from WCPR I felt like I had strong rope attached to my back. As we continued to travel it felt like all the negative feelings I came to WCPR with were getting sucked out of my back the farther we went more feelings were coming out. The rope was still attached as I sat in my seat, I watched the door as the attendant closed it, SLAM, the door closed and the rope got cut. I had a calm go through out my body. The plane took off, I was still feeling the calm. After a two hour flight I arrived back home, did some laundry and went to sleep thinking I would wake in the morning and be back to the way I felt before WCPR. When I woke I closed my eyes to go back to sleep, I was scared I would wake up feeling the way I felt for the past year. Instead of falling asleep I got up. I felt great!!! I couldn't remember the last time I felt this good. I did more today inside and out, including joining a gym, than I have in the two years. Words cannot explain what you guys have done for me. Now, I know now I am not alone.