I realized tonight

I realized tonight, that none of us have any guarantee for tomorrow.

I thought whole heartedly I may never be able to raise my head again, and look at either one of you in the face. For you have not only sat and listened to my brokenness, but now you can see it.

As much as I feel completely exposed and totally destroyed....
I realize, I AM NOT. I am here, I am present, I am human, and I am thankful~

I have had many close calls, where I wasn't supposed to make it by all accounts, and I am here, as we all are for a reason~

This greater purpose, This greater thing, This greater being~
Then ourselves, My second, Third, and Fourth chance to get "it" right, just may be why I'm still here~

So with all of this said, and the guarantee, there are No guarantee's~
We are not promised a tomorrow- - It is with that, that I say my over whelming desire to hang my head and let my shame be my prison- Stops here, and Starts with, Thank you~

If there was no tomorrow, my greatest desire today, is to convey how deeply thankful I am to each and every one of you~

Mark & Stephanie- For donating your time and expertise, for giving of yourselves & families, so that other's might succeed- In hopes we all leave here a little bit better then when we came-

Peers- Your selfless time, your willingness to share your personal stories, your ear to listen, and of course your words of encouragement and great cooking!

All of you, just for even being willing to be here and try this "Retreat," speaks volumes of your character~ Your efforts to work hard, do better then before, and be a good, "whole" person~ It is with that, I Thank you.