This week marks the one year anniversary

This week marks the one year anniversary of my attending WCPR as a client. It is also marks my birthday. I remember spending my last birthday with all of you and almost running out the door after dinner. It has been an interesting year. I have made many positive changes in my life thanks to all of you! Hopefully this "open letter" will let you know how important a role you have played in reconstructing my life.

My life has changed in ways that I never thought were possible. Considering only a year ago; I was in such a dark and terrible place that I never thought I would see daylight again. Through your collective efforts, I have had the veil of depression lifted from my face and now I see how beautiful and fulfilling life can truly be for me.

I have had the opportunity to reconnect with my family and rebuild ties that I had damaged through the years of self-destructive behavior. That has only been possible because of the huge amount of support and love that they have shown to me. I would also like to express my gratitude to the SOS staff for the help and caring they have provided my wife since her time with them.

In my attempt to repay my un-payable debt; I have become involved in my department's peer support unit, providing assistance and help to other officers in need. I have started co-teaching a class on stress to other first responders. And finally, I have had the opportunity to return numerous times to WCPR as a peer and I have had the privilege to act as a peer helping clients with their 90 day plans by following the example that was demonstrated to me when I was a client.

As I have become healthier, my eyes have been opened and I now see so many of my co-workers suffering from stress. People that I had passed every day and never really saw their need as I wallowed in my own PTSD Hell. I understand now that life was provided to me so that I might reach out to others and do what I can to help them escape their darkness and despair.

I thank you all.
With my sincerest gratitude