To each of you that changed my life in 2010

To each of you that changed my life in 2010. If you have forgotten who I am, I graduated Spring 2010 from WCPR. I was the angry person who was preparing to retire.

I wanted to share with each of you how in one way or another you made a difference my life. Your dedication and willingness to help others is second to none.

It was a fluke I found WCPR. I came across it while researching PTSD. I think my discovery was more than a coincidence but I don't want to be too warm and fuzzy and ruin Pool's philosophies :)

I hope each of you know what you do is so important, especially to each one of us who want to reach out but either can't or don't know how. As I reflect back on my week there, getting my ass kicked mentally and knowing I paid to have that done was worth every penny. I don't think a day goes by I don't have some thought of something that happened while there.

I wish for each of you in 2011 to stay healthy, be happy and keep doing what you are doing. Okay I sense that's enough niceness. I can envision the vein on Pool's forehead protruding.

Happy New Year!

p.s. Who the hell decided to call that a "retreat"? How about "West Coast Post-Traumatic Kick Your Ass Mentally Non Warm and Fuzzy Gathering." That's probably to lengthy too fit on the coffee mug. Enjoy!