To say that the week at WCPR was

To say that the week at WCPR was "positive overall" would be like saying to a person who was drowning "I hope you enjoy this flotation device." I can honestly say that my week at WCPR saved my life. Like really saved my life. You all are not only amazing clinicians but even more amazing people. There are not words that exist to really explain the depth of my gratitude to everyone that was there that week and everyone who has had a hand in WCPR's development and maintenance.

I have a good friend dying of cancer and I saw him after I came back from WCPR. He said to me the next day when I saw him again, "I can't tell you how wonderful it is to see you. It's been a long time since you disappeared and it is so great to have you back." Here is this guy in the hospital all messed up and he noticed an incredible change in me. And I always put on my best face for him when I saw him before WCPR.

The week was perfect. You all were perfect. There was not one small, tiny detail left unattended. You all really really did save my life. I will be back as a peer.