Emily Brucia, M.S., Clinical Intern, Trustee

Emily Brucia, M.S., Clinical Intern

Emily Brucia, M.S., is a Ph.D. Candidate in Clinical Psychology at Palo Alto University and is currently completing her pre-doctoral internship within the VA Northern California Health Care System. She previously trained with the Berkeley Mental Health and Berkeley Police Department Mobile Crisis Team and the San Francisco VA Health Care System Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Clinical Team. Her clinical work is focused on the assessment and treatment of trauma and PTSD, substance use, and chronic pain in veterans and first responders, as well as crisis intervention. Her research interests include evidence-based treatment of trauma and PTSD, risk and resilience factors for PTSD in first responders, and critical incident interventions for law enforcement.

In September 2018 Emily will rejoin the San Francisco VA Health Care System as the PTSD and Returning Veterans clinical psychology post-doctoral fellow. She has been involved with FRSN as a clinical intern, researcher, and administrator since 2011, and currently serves on the FRSN Board of Directors as a Trustee-At-Large.