Tim Dietz,

Tim Dietz

Tim retired after 29 years in the fire service and is the Founder/CEO of Behavioral Wellness Resources, a consulting/counseling firm catering to the behavioral wellness needs of emergency response organizations and individuals, and works with several response agencies in developing the “Culture” so responders feel comfortable seeking help.  

Tim is an internationally known speaker on human emotional crisis, grief, death notification and staying happy and healthy in the emergency services professions. He is author of the book “Scenes of Compassion.” A Responder’s Guide for Dealing with Emergency Scene Emotional Crisis, and author of “Emotional Rescue” an article in “B” Shifter Magazine addressing the firefighter suicide issue. He helped oversee the U.S. Coast Guard’s mental health response following hurricanes Katrina and Rita, was the clinical advisor to the CISM response to the Oso, Washington mud slide, and is the clinical advisor to the U.S. Forest Service PNW Region 6. 

Tim lives and has a small private practice in Oregon’s beautiful Willamette Valley.