Heather Lazzarini, Trustee

Heather Lazzarini

I attended the 2008 SOS session as a client and have returned several times as an SOS peer. After my marriage to a police officer for over 10 years started to fail and ultimately ended due to many issues surrounding PTSD, I was in a confusing place. I was told about SOS by a friend and I chose to get out of my comfort zone and really examine my life, my feelings, my fears and reclaim myself once again. With the support and attention of all the clinicians and peers, lots of questions were answered and lifetime bonds were made. After leaving and continuing to work on myself, I found love again, I am currently living in Sonoma County with my two daughters. It’s not always easy, but I'm continuing to learn how to co-parent, juggle kids, work, stress and still live a full life. We enjoy our lazy days the best, playing with our new kittens, and enjoying the quiet times together.