Richard Ortiz,

Richard Ortiz

Chaplain Richard Ortiz is the Sonoma County Law Enforcement Assistant Senior. He graduated from the Sacramento County Community Law Enforcement Chaplain Academy in 2006. During the last month of the academy he moved to Sonoma County, thus, never had the opportunity to serve the Sacramento area. In 2011, Richard graduated from the Sonoma County Law Enforcement Chaplaincy Academy. For the past two years he has been volunteering two weeks a year at the WCPTR. Richard is a retired Federal Probation Officer and more recently also retired as a Sonoma County Deputy Probation Officer. In 2012, Richard was selected Bay Region (13 counties) Probation Employee of the Year by the California Probation Officers Chiefs Association (one of five California probation employees recognized for their work in the field of probation and community). Richard has been an officer safety /defensive tactic instructor since 1992, and has instructed at all levels of the force continuum. He was also a competitive boxer from 1969 to 1989, and a sparring partner for some of Northern California's national and world ranked fighters. He continues to train youth and adults of all ages. When Richard serves at the WCPR retreat, he provides basic boxing workouts every morning for clients and staff.