Marilyn J. Wooley, PhD,

Marilyn J. Wooley, PhD

Marilyn Wooley is a licensed clinical psychologist and certified traumatologist who has practiced in Redding, California since 1979. She has extensive experience in the treatment of post traumatic stress and related disorders, and is proficient in both Eye Movement Desensitization /Reprocessing and Thought Field Therapy. Marilyn has certification through the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation to teach Mitchell Model Critical Incident Stress Management: Group Crisis Intervention (Basic and Advanced) and Assisting Individuals in Crisis. 

Over the past 20 years, she has provided CISM education and services to numerous law enforcement, fire, EMS, and government agencies, private companies, and medical facilities. Marilyn was also accepted to serve on the Board of the Association for Traumatic Stress Specialists in 2009.As a volunteer for the American Red Cross, she provided services for those affected by 9-11 and other disasters. She has served as a volunteer for the West Coast Post-trauma Retreat in California since 2001. She spends her spare time white-water kayaking, skiing, scuba diving and writing mysteries. She published her first novel 2000.